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Nowadays almost everyone is going through the war to reduce body weight and maintain according to the BMI. 37 percent worldwide population is suffering from obesity caused due to different reasons. Pakistan also have a leading number of males and females who have excessive body fats. Pakistan globally ranked as the ninth most obsessed country. Are you suffering from body weight issues? Do you want physical fitness with ideal body shape? Then you are at right place. Come visit our ZB hospital for weight loss treatment in Lahore.

We are offering effective diet plans for efficient results. To reduce your weight you just have to follow instructions and prescriptions given by our experienced Chinese specialists Dr.Sang mailin, Dr. Men. They gave medical research work how to deal with Obesity Treatment. They have experience in providing weight loss treatment with the help of traditional Chinese herbal medicines and Embedding Weight Loss.

The market is full of random medications, therapies, and treatments which can have adverse effects on your health. Kindly avoid all the treatments which rapidly shed fats from your body as it can lead you towards some serious disorders. We are helping you to shed your undesired body fats at our Chinese weight loss treatment center.

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Tired of being overweight? Our Chinese weight loss specialist Dr.Sang Mailin is treating your obesity issue with weight loss treatment including Embedding Weight Loss Method & Chinese Herbal medicines.

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If you want to visit our weight loss treatment center Lahore then you have to book an appointment. All the appointments are fixed according to the medical need of visitor. Call us: 0317-1172688

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How we are Treating Weight Loss

Our Chinese weight loss specialist providing you complete medical care for weight loss treatment in Lahore at ZB hospital. We have Chinese herbal weight loss medicines, Diets Plan, Therapies and Embedding Weight Loss Method to reduce your body fats.

Chinese medicine for weight loss treatment
Chinese Herbal Medicines

We have Chinese herbal medicines which are made of Herbs and have no side effects. We can help you in the struggle for weight loss with TCM, diet plans, and exercises.

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Fast Weight Loss Treatment

For fast and effective weight loss treatment you should come to our hospital to get rid of extra body fats. We have natural remedies which will not harm your health.

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Embedding weight loss
Embedding Weight Loss Method

It’s a new weight loss Chinese project in Lahore which has rapid results. It’s directly linked with acupuncture to dissolve your body fats with the help of thin needles.

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dr sang mailin

Doctor Sang Mailin

Dr. Sang Mailin and Dr. Men are worldwide renowned Chinese doctor for weight loss. He truly understands the complications and dangerous risks you can face due to obesity.

Dr. sang Mailan had done a number of researchers published in scientific journals to maintain the normal weight. He lectures to clinical experts round the sector about the importance of weight regulation in your life. Doctor Sang Mailin has obtained numerous competitive presents and fellowships for her weight loss treatment studies.
For the treatment and help for his visitors in the ZB hospital, he commenced being devoted to instructing honestly his patients on the significance of a healthful hygienic diet and lifestyle.


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