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Weight loss by Main and collateral channels in zhongBa Hospital

Answer: the second most important energy consumption pathway in the human body is the food heating effect, the food heating effect: the increase in energy consumption caused by eating.

Carbohydrates: 5% ~ 6%, fat: 4% ~ 5%, protein: 30% ~ 40%, general mixed diet: 10%. So you can’t lose weight without eating meat.

Answer: during weight loss not eat dessert, because eating dessert after a few minutes will be absorbed into the blood sugar, blood sugar to rise will cause a sharp rise in insulin, muscle, lowered using glycogen reserve capacity, reduce blood sugar can cause fatigue and dizziness.

  1. Consider lifestyle changes.
  2. Prepare and take action to change your lifestyle.
  3. Maintain lifestyle changes.
  4. To ensure that the fat does not rebound, the dinner must not be eaten meat.

Empty abdomen and full abdomen are not suitable for cupping to lose weight, empty abdominal cupping can lead to fat heteros is; Empty abdominal cupping can cause appetite to drop after losing weight, satiety can cause stomach and stomach blood is insufficient, digestive gland secrete is relative abate, cause indigestion absorption is bad, the occurrence of gastrointestinal disease for a long time; In addition, there will be abdominal pain, vomiting, etc. So half an hour before the meal is most appropriate.

when you diet too much, your metabolic rate decreases by 20% to 30%. People often have no spirit all day, although eat less, but the heat consumption also correspondingly decreases. In addition to losing muscle, dieting will lose a lot of water, and once the amount of food is restored, it will rebound in the form of a rebound in the body, which is not long fat and tends to exceed the original. weight.

Eating chicken and fish and eggs during the cupping can improve the metabolic rate of people, so you can’t just eat vegetarian food during the diet

A. Enough protein intake can increase the rate of metabolism, cupping plus China hospital collaterals to help you improve your basal metabolism, so the cupping therapy can not only improve the metabolism can also regulate endocrine.

From a professional point of view, it is important to judge whether a person is overweight or obese. It is not related to height and weight. Just look at the figure of “body fat ratio”, which is the proportion of fat to weight. A fat person has a body fat ratio of over 50%, while bodybuilder’s body fat is less than 4%.

Your problem is obviously not overweight but it looks bloated, mainly because your body fat is higher than it is. Fat density is small, like foam, so you look bloated.

The amount of calories you exercise is not made from fat, but from the sugar in your food.

Body will priority access sugar when the person is moving power, only when the continuous movement of up to 20 minutes, the fat will be slowly to participate, and this is why aerobic exercise must be continuous to do more than 20 minutes.

A lot of people stick to exercise to lose weight every day, just consume the body sugar, the advantage that this does is the body will become more healthy, the disadvantage is your physique is able to bear, later weight loss difficulty will increase.

With ZhongBa physical therapy and cupping, you can quickly reduce to a standard weight and then exercise more perfectly.

 We are mainly based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treatment, viscera balance Yin and Yang, the body extra energy released, cupping therapy of traditional Chinese medicine to reduce weight is mainly to help customers dredge meridian, viscera of nutrition, improve the viscera function, accelerate the metabolism of human body, so as to achieve the purpose of the human body fat consumption

After the whole course of treatment, normal diet and exercise will not rebound. But no matter how you lose weight in any way, you won’t be able to overeat when you lose weight, and that will lead to new fat.

It won’t affect your chest. Cupping is to lose excess fat, but not to the body.

For the first time, we need 1000Rs expert consultation fee, 28000RS per 5kg, and the first 3-5kg is free, and the specific preferential treatment needs to be confirmed by the doctor.

We are using instruments and secret drug through point, regulate channels and collaterals, speed up the body metabolism, fat metabolism, five lines of preserve one’s health green weight loss, let you eat satisfied, let you eat meat, and drink lots of water.

Our weight loss is based on three aspects:

Drain the host and expel toxins;

Through meridian and adjustment metabolism;

Lose weight and lose fat.

Our internal obesity is reduced with external obesity, so it is not easy to rebound. Some obese people are not only external but also obese, such as fatty liver and intestinal fat.

You don’t need to control your diet. Our diet plan is divided into stages. What do you like to eat? Meat? Green vegetables? We can match it to your diet plan.

At the beginning, A course of treatment was calculated at 5 kg. A normal course of treatment can reduce 5 kg.

25 years old and less than 25 years old:

female :(height – 100) X 0.9 .

Male :(height – 100) X 1 .

More than 25 years old, add 0.5 kg for each 2 years old .

A 1.8 meter 25 years old male = (180 – 100 ) X 1 = 80 KG

Reducing weight is systemic detoxification and supplement energy, fat cells without a stable when didn’t finish the treatment course, easy to rebound, complete course let cell metabolism recovery, the body gradually in acidic to alkaline won’t rebound.

The first three days cooperate well, decided the speed of losing weight!

The first three days:

Morning: eat before 9 o ‘clock, eggs or sugarless soybean milk or taro.

Lunch: before 2 PM, chicken (no skin) or beef, no chicken feet.

Evening: before 19 o ‘clock, tomatoes (no oil, spices, only a little salt) or cucumber fungus soup (good effect).

Five lines weight loss: low sugar, low salt, supplementary protein.

Breakfast: protein supplement.

Chinese food: replenish energy.

Dinner: take vitamin supplements.

Nothing short of nothing! You must be full! Drink lots of water! All food will be stopped after 19:00. Skin, ribs, brittle bones can’t be eaten.

Cupping is a blood detoxification, thousands of years of TCM technology, do you think this method is safe or not?

This is not our decision. If your body is blocked, there will be slight pain, leaving a mark. After five treatments, it’s gone, it’s not painful, it doesn’t leave a mark.

If you don’t do our weight loss treatment, you’ll only be able to get around 1.5 to 2.5 kilos, and you’ll rebound as soon as you’re on a regular diet, because you’re on a diet that’s just water.

Early stage —fast metabolism diet plan (the first 8 days)

Metaphase — restore the metabolic diet plan.

Late — normal metabolic diet plan.

If you want to lose weight fast, you have to stick to your diet.

Fast metabolizing diet plan:

(first 4 kg) The first three days were the most important, and the first three days matched the speed of weight loss.

Morning: hot soy milk or boiled eggs or Fried eggs (eggs should not be dipped in soy sauce or sauce or salt)

Noon: chicken or beef (not chicken skin)

Evening: tomato or cucumber fungus soup (do not put oil, only salt), drink soup and eat vegetables, warm stomach and detoxify. Or just eat raw tomatoes or cucumbers.

You can’t eat gum or mushroom during weight loss. These are all things that are easy to gain weight.

Recovery of metabolic diet plan:

(a better diet after 4 kg, adjusted after each meal)

Morning: milk, eggs.

Noon: corn (eat corn drop to be quick) or sweet potato, or salad greens (no sugar, chili, sauce), seafood or bean products or fungus food.

Evening: rice gruel, pickles or only fruit (apple, pear, grapefruit) are not allowed to eat melons.

Normal metabolic diet plan:

(weight loss 7.5 kg)

Morning: waffles (eggs, noodles, salt), whole wheat bread.

Noon: corn flour or mixed flour stuffed bun, or corn flour cake mixed vegetables to eat. Or a bean sprout.

Evening: corn or sweet potato or green vegetables (less seasoning)