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[ Our Chinese Treatment for Foot Pain Causes by Weight Gain ]

Overweight body and obesity issue link to higher risk of joint problems pain like in feet and ankles. We do provide best Chinese treatment for weight gain and foot pain with the help of Chinese herbal medicines to reduce weight, and physiotherapist to provide instant relief from your foot pain. A further heavy weight of body affects the hips, your backbone, and knee. Getting abnormal fats accumulation on your body triggers serious health issues like osteoarthritis and gout. At ZB hospital we have Chinese specialist Dr. Sang Mailin and Dr. Men to give you the natural and effective treatment for your complete health.

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Why You Have Foot Pain Issue Due To Weight Gain?

Whenever you have weight gain and foot pain starts it’s because, part of your body having fats, your ankles and feet carry all the weight. Obesity can also change your body posture, which can affect tendons and arches badly in the ankles and feet. When you have overweight body first thing you experience is when you stand or move for physical activities your feet get overburdened by the overweight they carry.

Heavy children are more prone to foot pain because children’s feet are usually flattered, putting even more pressure on the sole. When children stop getting enough physical activity due to weight gain and foot pain, this sets them up for a negative cycle of foot discomfort and weight gain and seriously threatens their overall health.

Symptoms of Foot Pain Problem | Weight Gain And Foot Pain

Obesity or weight gain and foot pain can create a variety of musculature obstacles influencing the feet health. Are you having the mentioned symptoms? And you are not going to seek any professional help then your health is going to be worst.

  • having heel pain
  • Swelling of feet
  • Fractures due to stress
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Pressure ulcers

Foot Pain Problems Due To Weight Gain

Extra weight creates extra burden and tension on your feet and can make standing and be walking difficult or sensitive to pain. Inflammation due to weight gain and foot pain can happen and could cause considerable pain and discomfort to the individual. Being overweight also increases out and shrinks down the connective tissue and natural fat blocks in your feet. The condition develops gradually and could affect just one foot or both in varying degrees of pain.

Treatments for Foot Pain and Weight Gain Problem

Our traditional Chinese medications can be used to lessen the pain and minimize the inflammation of the muscles or connective tissues. However, it is necessary to note that it does not cure the condition. It just temporarily alleviates the pain. Once you start doing your activities, you will feel the pain as the day progresses. Our Chinese weight loss treatment is still the best way to lessen the inflammation permanently. We have the best Chinese technology and Chinese medical staff to give you our best services anytime. If you want to book an appointment with our Chinese specialists for weight gain and foot pain,

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